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Aussie Survival Tool - Testimonials

What our customers say about the Aussie Survival Tool

Aussie Survival Tool saves lives again.
Copy of letter received on 14th June 2005.
Muirillup Road Northcliffe WA 62262

To whom it may concern
I am writing to you regarding your product, the Aussie Survival Tool. A days fishing almost ended in disaster, after the starter motor on our boat packed it in. After not being able to start the outboard motor, we radioed for help at about 11am. The response got lost in the system.
We let off our EPIRB at 11.30 am, and it was picked up by Canberra at 2.30 pm. Walpole was notified, and a boat was sent out, but seas were getting rough and they had to turn back. By this time, it was getting dark, and squalls were picking up, and our boat was drifting towards the rocks. Several attempts to rescue us were abandoned, S.E.S set up camp along the beach, which was some 2km from us.
They lit fires on the beach, to let us know that some one was out there. I continued to let off all but one of our flares, as a last ditch effort for something to happen. At the same time, I started to use your survival tool as a signal, by striking the flint. (They later told me they could see it quite clearly from the beach.) A RAAF helicopter was dispatched from Perth at about midnight. The helicopter dropped a paramedic off on the boat after we let our last flare off. The helicopter had to return to Walpole to refuel.
As the helicopter was returning to find us, I continually struck the flint on my survival tool, until we were eventually lifted off the boat. The crew asked, what was the light they could see, and when I told them what it was, they said it could be seen very clearly. We always carry one with us; to light our barbeque etc.It's a great product. We wouldn't be without it.

Regards Mark Boardley.

Article from the ManjumuThis survival tool will start a fire in any weather.
Excerpted from Brian Clark's article in The Olympian on Dec. 6th, 1996

A Simple system: A Lewis County man has developed a sure-fire device out of basic materials.

By Brian Clark, The Olympian.

Staying warm and dry in the Northwest woods can be a matter of life and death. That's why Lewis County's Ray Boorn thinks there is a good market for his "Aussie Survival Tools," which can create a fire in almost any weather conditions. "Hunters, loggers, backpackers, cross-country skiers, rafters - you name it - might all find themselves in a situation where they need to start a fire to ward off hypothermia, or be rescued," said Boorn, a native of Melbourne, Australia. "It can be pretty hard to keep matches dry in this country," said Boorn, who worked as a guide, oyster fisherman and hunter Down Under.
Boorn's all-in-one Aussie Firestarter kits consists of a small block of oil-rich Padouk wood, with a cylindrical pieces of manufactured flint and 98.9% pure magnesium glued on top.( The flint is three times hotter than a match.) Attached to the wood, on a short tether, is the "striker," a small piece of high-carbon hack saw blade filed on one side to a 45 degree angle. It works like this: Blocking the wind with your body, you scrape off a small pile of oily Padouk wood spirals for kindling, then striking the blade down along the flint, literally spraying sparks into the wood scrapings. Viola, fire! If, for some reason, the wood won't ignite, you can use the striker to scrape kindling from the magnesium cylinder. These metal scraps are much more volatile than wood. They burn even hotter when wet, reaching a toasty temperature of around 5400 degrees F. Once either the wood or the magnesium is burning, it's just a matter of adding pine needles, dry grass, leaves or other relatively dry wood to make a bigger fire. Boorn, who sounds a bit like his countryman Paul Hogan of "Crocodile Dundee" fame, demonstrated his survival tool in a steady drizzle. It worked like a charm. "I'd seen other fire starter/survival tools, and thought I could do it better," he said. I looked for oily woods, but nothing matched the Padouk, which is used by boat builders in North Africa because its oil keeps ship worms at bay." He is able to buy the wood at the Hardel Builders Center in downtown Olympia. The other materials are also easy to locate. "My survival tool will light a fire in any condition in the forest. It will work up on a glacier, too, though I don't know if you'd be able to find anything to make the fire grow," he mused. Boorn says he sells most of his firestarters at gun shows, black powder rendezvous, camping and sporting goods shows and fur trapping gatherings.

Eventually, he hopes to market them to outdoor and hunting shops. "Right now, at the shows, I think people sometimes buy from me because they like my accent, and I certainly don't look like Paul Hogan.

P-Bridgetown Times records the rescue



Sporting Shooter - April 2003 Shooters' Showcase - What's New on the Market

The Aussie Survival Tool, produced by Ray and Caroline Boorn of Tenter- field, NSW, is a handy little fire starter that outdoorsman/hunter carry when out bush. It's designed to allow the user to start a fire in just about any weather. The complete tool is 11.5cm long and consists of a 50mm long flint and a 50mm piece of magnesium mounted in a timber handle. A short length of \ high carbon steel attached via a lanyard to the handle is used as a striker. The way the unit works is simple. Firstly, shave a little magnesium from the ' unit onto some kindling, dry grass, leaves or whatever's available that will burn. Then using the striker proceed to scrape it against the flint firmly but slowly, to produce a spark to light the magnesium and kindling. As the magnesium bums at approximately 800 degrees Celsius, it will work on even partially damp kindling. If no dry timber is available, you could probably shave a bit of dry timber off the handle to get you going. The heat this tool gives out via the magnesium is incredible! The Aussie Survival Tool was the winner of the annual "Overlander 4WD Inventors Award" for 2002 and in addition to a handy fire starter, will throw a bright enough spark from the flint to catch attention in the dark, acting as a signal that can be seen from up to 3km away at night. In pitch black conditions, the flash will illuminate up to 3m in front of you, perhaps preventing a nasty fall if stuck out at night without a torch. The manufacturer claims the product is good for at least 7000 strikes or the equivalent of 7000 dry matches. As an optional extra, a well made leather pouch with belt loop is also available.
Manufacturer: R. E & C J. Boorn, PO Box 319, Tenterfield, NSW 2372 or phone (02) 6736 3121. Mobile: 0414 980 010.

Images courtesy of Channel 7

What our customers say about the Firestarter