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Aussie Survival Tool

Aussie Survival Tool

The essential Firestarter

What is The Aussie Survival Tool?

    It's a fire.....................The primary ingredient of survival

    It's a signal.......................The basic element of rescue

    It's a light...........................The source of night vision

    It could....................................SAVE YOUR LIFE

If you're a bushwalker, camper, mountain climber, hiker, hunter, angler, rescue worker or have a hobby or occupation that could leave you stranded, then YOU NEED THIS TOOL!

If you're a lover of the great outdoors then you know how important it is to be able to light a fire, make a signal or have a reliable source of light in the most adverse conditions.

The *award-winning Aussie Survival Tool is a "take anywhere" piece of equipment that will achieve all of the above. It's not affected by water and it's more reliable than a cigarette lighter. With grass, leaves and twigs you'll have a fire going in no time at all and if dry tinder is hard to find you can use shavings from the oily wood of the handle.

It's inexpensive, easy to order and we'll ship it anywhere in the world.

  • As a firestarter. The striker is high-carbon steel and is used for striking the flint, the magnesium and for shaving wood from the handle for tinder. The flint strikes at twice the heat of a match.
    Hold the striker securely and at the same time push its edge firmly and slowly along the flint. Many sparks will be produced and these should be aimed into the fine tinder that you have gathered.
  • The magnesium component of the tool can be shaved and used to start the fire when available tinder is wet. The magnesium will burn at approximately 300 Celcius and has the ability to scavenge oxygen atoms from any moisture when it will burn even hotter.
  • The handle is manufactured from the very oily Padauk wood which can be shaved with the steel striker and used for tinder in the absence of bark, dry fine grass or dry leaves.
  • As a signal. The flash from the flint is so bright that it can be seen for up to 3 kms at night.
  • As a light. Hold the tool at waist level and strike the flint. The flash will illuminate 3 meters ahead of you.
  • It could save your life. Don't leave it unused in the drawer at home. Always carry it with you and remember, practice makes perfect. Use it!

Aussie Survival Tool $24.95
+ $4.50 P&H

Images courtesy of Channel 7

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