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Ezy Aussie Prawn Peeler

The Ezy-Aussie™ Prawn Peeler
Make light work of peeling prawns and shrimp with this super-efficient tool. This is the one the world has been waiting for! Whether the prawns are cooked or green, it makes no difference at all to the Ezy-Aussie™.

The Ezy-Aussie does a very efficient job of shelling and deveining prawns, breaking the shell below the body, spreading it and allowing easy separation of flesh from shell. Even green prawns, which are otherwise difficult to peel without damaging the very soft flesh, present no problem at all for the Ezy-Aussie.


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Despite a common belief that prawns can be peeled more easily by hand, our customers have discovered that the Ezy-Aussie really does make the job easier and faster.

The Ezy-Aussie is made from high impact styrene and is dishwasher safe; it also incorporates a twist-top bottle opener

Use the Ezy-Aussie as a promotional product

The Ezy-Aussie is an ideal and novel item to use as a promotional product for your business. We can arrange to have your logo, name, contact details etc printed on the peeler, for just a small extra charge beyond the wholesale price.

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Here are some examples:

demo promo

promo samples

Postage & handling covers Australia only


Prawn Peeler $9.95
+ $7.90 P&H
any quantity

What our customers say about the Ezy Aussie Prawn Peeler