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What our customers say about the Magnetic Laundry System

I just wanted to write about your product, Life Miracle Laundry Balls.
I LOVE these little magnetic balls. None of my friends thought these would work, but they are a wonderful product. My husband and I own a property in central Queensland, so these balls help me in two ways. First, they get my clothes (including my husbands incredibly dirty work clothes) completely clean, with no stiffness and no perfumy smell. And second I only have to use half the water to do my laundry that I used to, which is a godsend during these dry times. I am so glad I decided to give these balls a try. Thanks so much!
K.M.T 3 Oct 2005

The magnetic laundry ball system does what it says it does. Considering the savings you achieve with the non purchase of detergents the more important aspect is the grey water that can be used on water starved gardens without the added phosphate is a tremendous advantage.
D.F. 19 Sep 2005

Hi, I thought that I would contact you to let you know that I recently purchased your magnetic laundry balls and have been so pleased with them. I have lent them to several friends (four in all) for them to try, with the result that three have already purchased them and the other is about to order them. They are such a good product that I pass on this information to as many as I can as I have found them to be so good. A lot of people are very sceptical until they have tried them and can see for themselves that they really work. I just thought that I would pass this on to you in appreciation of a good product.
Regards, B. S. Toowoomba QLD

I have been using the laundry balls for about three months now. I am still amazed at their performance cleaning. Also the fact that they save me TIME, MONEY and WATER. I have found that my husbands work cloths are washing up cleaner because the balls are extracting very fine metal filings that were normally left embeded in the fabric. I dread to think what we have been carring around in our clothing for all this time. I would recommend the balls to EVERYONE. If only I had a loud enough voice. Thank you for your great advice and excellent service.
A.A. Albion Park N.S.W

Hi, I have been using the laundry balls for a few weeks now and think they are fabulous. I love being able to do my bit to save water and reduce the use of chemicals. I was wondering if you are interested in selling some to me at a wholesale rate for advertising in our school and kindy newsletters as I know there are other parents in our area who would be interested in saving water and reducing chemicals and saving money. I am not looking at being a full-time distributor as I run my own full-time business but would love to get more people using this product for environmental reasons and make some extra money on the side.
Kind regards enny J.B. Sunshine Coast QLD

I would just like to say how thrilled I am with the laundry balls, they really do work & I would even say even better than expensive laundry powder.
Thank you. Barbara Paddington QLD

Hi, Recently I saw a segment on 7 Sunrise program about magnetic laundry balls.
I have tried to investigate the validity of this product on the net, as I am only a novice and not a scientist.
Laundry discs, which I understand have been removed from sale under the fairtrading act in Qld; made similar claims.
Please dont get me wrong I am very interested in using an alternative to laundry powders as I want to reduce the impact on the environment.
Can you tell me how these balls actually work?, and how they keep their magnetism for a life time?
I have already read the conecting site with it's American independant testing reports with graphs that are hard to decifirer without legends.
The system sounds like a great idea, I'd just like to understand how it works befor buying.
Thanks, S. H.

It's fantastic!" M.T. Christchurch, New Zealand

Roxby Downs

Many thanks. Received today and have done two loads already. Remain impressed with the results.

Karen. South Australia


Is it safe to use vinegar in the washing machine with magnetic system and how much?  I am very happy with the magnets.  Have saved a lot of water and electricity.
I would like to purchase your magnetic water system for a relative and have it invoiced and posted to her.  Her details are: Mrs xxx xxxx, Albany Creek, Qld. 4035
I will fill in the order form with my credit card details.

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