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Life Miracle Magnetic Laundry System

Detergent Free Laundry System


as seen on tv Channel 7 SUNRISE with PETER BLASINA

as seen on tvChannel 9 Brisbane "Extra"

... One package of two laundry balls can be used over and over again and even come with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty!

... Detergent Free Cleaning Action, Economical, Environmentally Safe and Very Easy To Use!

... Great For Infants, Children and People With Chemical Sensitivities and Allergies. Eliminate Chemical Related Health Problems By Eliminating the Chemicals.

... No Breakdown In the Tensile Strength Of Fabrics From Harsh Chemicals. Your Clothes May Last Longer!

... Just Place Them In Your Washer & Turn It On. No Heavy and Expensive Detergents To Lug From The Store, and No More Messy Chemical Spills In the Laundry Room!

... No Extra Rinse Cycle Is Necessary As There Are No Chemicals To Rinse Out. You May Find That You Do Not Need Softeners Or Static Cling Removers. This Is Absolutely the 21st Century Laundry Detergent Alternative. NO TOXIC CHEMICALS RELEASED INTO THE ENVIRONMENT OR ONTO YOUR CLOTHES TO CAUSE HEALTH PROBLEMS!

... There Is No Other Non-Detergent Laundry Technology In Existence That Has Two United States Patents (and Additional Patents Pending) and Is Proven In Independent Laboratory Testing. You Have Never Seen, Heard About Or Tried Anything Like It Before!

... If you aren't happy with the way the system cleans your clothes, you Can Send It Back within 30 days for a product Refund! AND It Comes With A LIFETIME WARRANTY So You Will Never Need To Purchase Another System!

How the Magnetic Laundry System Works

The Life Miracle® Laundry Detergent Alternative System works under a unique means of water maintenance through application of magnetic force. Water has long been known as the "universal solvent". The laundry balls use very strong, specially calibrated magnetism to help alter the basic nature of water and increase its natural solvency.

In the 1950's, It was found that chemicals could change the molecular structure of water with the world's first laundry detergent. It was understood that you needed to reduce the surface tension of the water to help it to clean better. They did it chemically. We are able to achieve similar results without chemicals. On an atomic level, everything is affected by magnetics. The Life Miracle® Laundry System cleans garments utilizing the influence of magnetic hydrodynamics instead of harsh laundry detergent chemicals.

You will never need to buy another set of Laundry System units because they operate from a renewable, permanent magnetic source. Laundry detergents work to clean your clothes, but are non-renewable and may create health and environmental risks by their poisonous chemical by-products. The Laundry System is not only renewable for your laundry, but for your pocketbook as well. No more wasting money on detergents month after month, year after year. The laundry system is extremely convenient and easy to transport to the Laundromat.

Washing your clothes without the use of harsh chemical laundry detergents is amazing technology. We truly believe in doing laundry with a process that can last forever, rather than selling enormous volumes of harmful chemicals.
The Life Miracle® Laundry System is not an "ordinary" magnetic system. It is made of special materials adopted specifically for use in a washing machine. We are able to offer a lifetime warranty only because our unique production methods and patented processes have been proven to work time and time again. No other technology can do what the Life Miracle® Laundry System can.

The Life Miracle® Laundry System is patented and made with the highest quality materials in the U.S.A.

What happens to the Laundry Balls during washing?

There are several types of STAINLESS STEEL that washing machine drums are made from.

Most washer drums are made from the type that attract magnets, this is because they contain a high level of iron.

In this case the LAUNDRY BALLS will stick to the inside of the drum and not move around during washing.

One type of STAINLESS STEEL is called AUSTINETIC STAINLESS STEEL and does not contain IRON so the LAUNDRY BALLS will move around in the bottom of the machine, to reduce the noise of the balls moving around we suggest you place both LAUNDRY BALLS in separate thick socks and tie a knot in them. Pull the sock back over itself and tie another knot in the sock.


And Introducing Vinegar

As a substitute for chlorine, consider using vinegar to kill germs.  In our personal experience we have not noticed any vinegar smell after the rinse cycle.  Try it and decide for yourself.

Important Application Notes:

Very ImportantBefore you use your Magnetic Laundry System for the first time you will need to clean the residual scum from the washer, particularly the scum deposited in the outer tub which you cannot see. The best way to do this is to place the Laundry System units into the washing drum, add 4 to 5 cups of white vinegar then run a wash cycle either empty or with old rags / towels / clothing. Please repeat this procedure twice to completely clean out the washer in preparation for your first normal wash with the Life Miracle Magnetic Laundry System.

If you fail to follow this initial procedure, you may discover that the powerful cleaning effect of the magnetic units may remove detergent scum from within the washer and your clothes may become blotched with the scum that is coming from the tub. If this should occur, try washing them several more times with the Magnetic Laundry System to see if they come clean again. Continued use of the Laundry System will ensure you will not need to repeat the tub cleaning procedure at any time, and is the only way to have genuinely clean results.

The magnetic laundry system concept is a major breakthrough in health and environmental technology. If widely used, this technology will literally save our fresh water supply. Water is the source for all life. Without it, we could die.  Help do your part in saving the environment by visiting the following websites and telling others. Together, we can make a major difference.

Hot Off the Shelf - This is the official Australian web site for the magnetic laundry system and the center for activism down under. You can see a list of testimonials from actual customers of the magnetic laundry system

The Open Directory lists sites related to the life miracle magnetic laundry system. DMOZ is one of the oldest and most reputable directories on the net.

Be Free Tech is One of the USA distributors of the magnetic laundry system and other environmental products.

Edison Electric - Has the information on how magnetic laundry system can save your business money.

The Decrobelia article on magnetic laundry system and its uses.


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Discounted Price

Laundry system $74.95
+ $7.90 P&H


please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery- most orders sent within 24 hours

What our customers say about the Magnetic Laundry System

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