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Who we are and what we do:

Our Environmental Charter:

Our objective is to provide Australian consumers with innovative, practical, eco-friendly products of high quality ideally suited to our climate and culture, while demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the health of our environment through a significant reduction in water consumption and use of chemicals.

We fulfil this charter by:

  • Encouraging and assisting consumers to help in local environment care, through detailed product information and advice.
  • Developing an ‘Earth First’ Company Recycling Policy.
  • Where possible, using environmentally sound packing and despatch methods and encouraging our suppliers to do the same.
  • Only incorporating new products of a high standard with all environmental impacts of those products seen as primary factors in their selection.
  • Reviewing the local and global environmental outlook on a regular basis utilising the expertise of Planet Ark, Australian Conservation Foundation, eWater Research and other eminent bodies.
  • Copyright and permissions
  • Hot off the shelf pty limited gives no permission for the unauthorised use of any images or material presented on this web site without written permission. No web links to this web site are permitted without written permission.

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